Fitgo Technology (brand: Fitgo) was founded in Shenzhen, China. Its creativity comes from the peaks of Wutong Mountain. It is a professional lacing system supplier and design company, and has been innovating along the road of independent R&D and innovation. Provide professional fast lacing system solutions for various footwear, helmets, backpacks, gloves, hats, clothing, medical protective devices gear and other high-performance footwear. We have a professional advanced innovation R&D team to finish independent research and development and prototype structure design, and can independently complete the overall solution from internal functional structure design and appearance design to production application. And has a number of international invention patents on this basis. Fitgo is China's first fast lacing system company integrating R&D, design, production and sales. It has provided services for many well-known brands.

Unique and excellent functionality and comfort, through years of core technology innovation and quality focus, has won high recognition from the market, and Fitgo has become a well-known brand company in this category.

Brand Fitgo: JUST FOR FIT TO GO !

To meet consumer demand for products, improve equipment performance, convenient, fast, automatic and intelligent; the ultimate experience without pressure and restraint.



The lacing system supplier has a highly qualified and experienced technical research and development team, which independently completes the overall solution from appearance, structure and function design to production and application, and has a number of patented technologies on this basis.



All molds are designed and manufactured in-house, and has a professional technical team to support injection molding production.



Internal injection molding production can fully meet the later injection molding needs of various molds, and provide customers with reliable product quality assurance.



Fitgo has a high-quality experienced technology R&D team, which can independently complete the overall solution from internal functional structure design and appearance design to production application, and has a number of international invention patents on this basis.


The degree of social modernization is getting higher and higher, and brand-new scientific and technological achievements are also widely used. High technology covers the earth and connects the world together. The application of electronic technology brings convenience to people’s lives; And the automatic lacing system is being used more and more widely in our lives and is changing our lives.



The curved surface radian of the Fitgo System follows the characteristics of the human body,and it’s more fit and comfortable. The system adopts 3D printing technology and pressure sensing technology, and cooperates with the precise micro-adjustable of the system to truly release the hands and realize the goal of fully automatic lace. There are also new types of composite materials that convert mechanical kinetic energy into electrical energy and store electrical charges to provide energy for the internet of things.



The automatic lacing system is very light, thin and fashionable. It closely follows the design trend of well-known international brands and matched with kinds of cool colors. The grip part of the knob adopts ergonomic anti-slip treatment, and the hand feels comfortable to rotate.



The automatic lacing system has been developing in the direction of future intelligence, such as location tracking, emergency calls, health monitoring, and voice recognition.



More exciting, stay tuned...



> Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification
> All products of Fitgo Technology Co., Ltd. follow the ISO system process for strict control from design and development to production and sales to ensure all links are under the scientific ISO management system, so tthe product quality gets fundamental safeguard.



> High and low temperature alternating damp heat test box is mainly used to test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials;
> FITGO automatic lacing system products have all undergone rigorous reliability testing, and can meet any use environment in the world, such as minus -40 degrees Celsius or +150 degrees Celsius in high temperature environments, and can be used normally and their functions will not be affected in any way.




Fitgo is committed to providing professional automatic lacing system solutions



Pre-sales: The marketing department and R&D technical team quickly provide pre-sale technical support, collect customer demand information, and provide professional automatic lacing system program services.
On sale: Professional technical service personnel participate in mass production of customers, and carry out system installation training before mass production, until the smooth production of customers.
After-sales service:Technical service personnel provides 24-hours service support for you.


All products have been passed strict reliability tests, such as environmental high and low temperature tests, tensile strength tests, wear tests, and rotation life tests.


The lacing system supplier has a high-quality and experienced technical research and development team, which independently completes the overall solution from the appearance, structure and function design to the production application, and at the same time designs the automatic lacing system solution suitable for the customer according to the customer's requirements.


We have created a unique production mode, which is specifically designed for our automatic lacing system, and has developed a PMP product production control process. From raw material procurement to 100% product inspection and storage, each process has clear Management and control requirements, and comply with ISO9001 quality control and ISO14001 environmental protection system requirements.